Research Highlights: Exercise Training During Christmas Season Prevents Weight Gain in Overweight Individuals


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  • People with obesity and metabolic syndrome have higher risk of all-cause mortality.
  • It was studied that lifestyle interventions are effective in treating metabolic syndrome.
  • However, there are parts of the year in which proper exercise are not maintained and unhealthy diet are consumed.
  • Examples of these periods include Christmas holidays.
  • Researchers aimed to investigate if exercise-training during Christmas holidays would avoid weight gains and cardiometabolic deterioration in individuals with metabolic syndrome.
  • Thirty-eight men with metabolic syndrome undergoing exercise training were randomly assigned to either continue or discontinue training during the 3 weeks of Christmas.
  • Body weight, fat, waist circumference, blood metabolites, fat oxidation, and oxygen uptake were determined before and after Christmas.
  • The group that discontinued exercise training increased their body weight, mean arterial pressure, blood insulin, and homeostatic model assessment.
  • The group that continued exercise training reduced their total and LDL cholesterol.
  • The group that continued exercise training also prevented the reductions in fat oxidation and oxygen uptake that was observed in the other group.
  • The study shows that exercise training during Christmas prevents weight gains.
  • The associated cardiovascular and metabolic health risks are an optimal non-pharmacological therapy for that period of the year.